Following on from the Diabetes week back in July, our podiatrists teamed up with Eat Sense Dieticians and Conveniently Active Exercise Physiology to deliver a power multidisciplinary education event for the general public on Type 2 Diabetes.

Diabetes affects 1.2million (6%) adult Australians1 and if not managed well has the potential to significantly impair a person’s independence and overall quality of life. It was therefore certainly a relevant topic for the people of the Central Coast.

The topics included how to eat well for diabetes, management and prevention, move well with exercise and protect your feet against diabetes.

There was a turnout of around 50 people who were hungry for information but who also had their physical hunger satisfied with a diabetic friendly light meal thanks to Activate Foods in Erina.

The attendants recounted how they were wowed by the extensive knowledge of the practitioners and the practical and relevant tips. They noted that they now felt better prepared to handle their diabetes or even prevent it from occurring.

Some of the local GP’s came along as well and noted that they were impressed with the dynamic and practical approach of the seminar.

If you have diabetes or problems in your feet, it is essential that you maintain contact with your podiatrist and other allied health practitioners. Don’t delay, call us today on (02) 4323 9100, or book your appointment ONLINE.