Riverside Podiatry is excited to announce that we are now offering 3D scanning for our custom orthotics. This small camera operated device is the latest technology for making custom orthotics.

Our podiatrists pride themselves on their accuracy and precision when prescribing custom orthotics for their patients. In upholding these values, we are offering 3D scanning with the QOL ScanMate to give our podiatrists an exact impression of their patient’s foot. This means that no two scans are the same and every pair of orthotics made are completely individual.

After a 3D scan is taken of the patient’s feet, our podiatrist will submit an order to the Queensland Orthotic Laboratory with the patient information and an individualised orthotic prescription the day the scan is performed.

Does it take long for a scan of my foot to be taken?

Only 5-10 minutes

No! Gone are the days where things get messy with the plaster cast. The scan is performed either seated or lying face down, the podiatrists will align your foot with the QOL ScanMate then take a 3D image of your foot with a small camera. The same process is repeated on your other foot only taking 5-10 minutes in total!

How long before I received my custom orthotics?

Only 1.5-2 weeks

Only 1.5-2 weeks! By 3D scanning, we have eliminated the process of drying the plaster casts, packing the casts for postage, and waiting for casts the ship to the orthotic laboratory. This allows for a much faster turn-around so we can have our patients happy and comfortable in no time!

How accurate is the scan?

Pinpoint accuracy

The 3D scanner allows our podiatrists to capture dense geometry in real-time. This enables them to stimulate real world physics and create high-resolution textures in seconds. This gives a more repeatable scan, greater accuracy and therefore a better orthotic for our patients.

How much does it cost?

All expenses are included in your consult.

Nothing! Here at Riverside Podiatry there is no additional expense for having a 3D scan taken of your foot when ordering custom foot orthotics.

If you suspect you may be requiring orthotics, why not have your feet assessed by one of our podiatrists. If it is deemed you require orthotics, you will be introduced to our 3D scanner!
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