School Shoe Shopping… Let us make it easier for you!

Riverside Podiatry is joining forces with The Athletes Foot Tuggerah.

As we gear up for another exciting school year, we understand the importance of ensuring your child is equipped with the right tools for success. One often overlooked aspect of back-to-school preparations is choosing the right footwear, and that’s where we come in!

Riverside Podiatry is joining forces with The Athletes Foot Tuggerah as we near the beginning of Term 1 2024 for school students.

On average a child spends 1500 hours in their school shoes per year, making it imperative that your child is fitted with good quality shoes that are suitable for their individual feet.

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Meet our Podiatrists in store at Tuggerah

Podiatrists Ellie and Renee will be working with the team at The Athletes Foot Tuggerah as they hit one of their busiest times of the year when families are preparing for children to go back to school.

If you want your child to be fitted with the most suitable shoe for their growing foot, head to The Athletes Foot Tuggerah to be fitted with their Fit Technicians and our Podiatrists.

Ellie and Renee will be in store:

  • Wednesday 3rd   10am – 12pm
  • Friday 5th30 – 2.30pm
  • Wednesday 10th  1 – 3pm
  • Friday 12th30 – 2.30pm
  • Wednesday 17th   9 – 11am
  • Friday 19th30 – 2.30pm
  • Wednesday 24th  2 – 4pm
  • Wednesday 31st    10am – 12pm.

Children’s feet are not adult feet! 

Children’s feet differ significantly rom those of adults as they are not yet fully formed.

Children have energy… and lots of it! We know they love to run and play at school with any chance they get, but did you know that while running, your children’s feet will absorb up to 7.9 times our body weight! This is why we believe correct footwear are crucial for the healthy development of their feet.

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Children’s Podiatry Appointments

We believe that many symptomatic foot problems suffered by adults actually start during childhood but remain undetected.

If your child is experiencing foot pain, you are concerned with the way they are walking, or would like a foot health assessment, our team would love to help you!

Book online or call 43239100.