As you may be aware, Ellie has a strong passion for working with children. Her love for working with children began with coaching gymnastics and more recently her podiatry position in Canberra seeing a large case load of children. Ellie has since developed a paediatric-specific assessment form which her and Brad follow for all biomechanical cases for children aged 0-12 years. Our podiatrists understand that children’s feet and lower limbs are different to that of adults and hence appreciate the importance of a paediatric-specific assessment.

The assessment includes history taking of the child’s pre- and post-natal history, developmental milestones, current medical and social history, minimum 76 biomechanical assessments and a thorough gait analysis. After our podiatrists have performed the full assessment, they will develop a detailed and manageable treatment plan.

To prevent pathology in later life, it is essential to identify, as early as possible, any problems that might need specialist treatment. Common conditions children present with are:

  • In toe (“pigeon toed”) or tip toe walking
  • A “funny” walk
  • Curly toes
  • Flat feet
  • Heel pain
  • Ankle pain
  • And this is just to name a few!

Pain is not normal and should always be seen to by a professional. If your child is experiencing pain in the feet or lower limbs, has a “funny” walk, frequently tripping over, or you would just like a general health assessment of the lower limbs then please don’t hesitate to book your little treasure in.

IT’S THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS, so why not have any issues seen to now so your child can be ready to run around at school in Term 3! Call 43239100, message us on our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) or BOOK ONLINE.