Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)

Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a specialized method of treating soft tissue injuries such as ligament strains, muscle tightness, trigger points (knots in the muscle) or degeneration/inflammation of cartilage and tendons.

At Riverside Podiatry our clinicians are trained in the application of IASTM and can use this particular therapy to assist in injury recovery and improvement of overall function of the lower limb.

When Can IASTM Be Used?

Lumps, bumps, tightness, swelling, sprains, recent injury or stubborn chronic inflammation? IASTM can be incorporated into treatment plans focusing on soft tissue injury or stress recovery. The application is used to increase blood supply to injured tissue, help break down scar tissue and muscle adhesions, improve muscle flexibility and can help disperse trapped fluid.

Tissue Stress can lead to injury

When tissue is injured cells in the body work to heal the damage. Scar tissue made up of mostly collagen, develops in the injured tissue to help healing and protect it. Unfortunately, this process may leave the tissue weaker, less elastic and less functional than before the injury occurred.

Applying a controlled stimulus such as IASTM to scar tissue increases cellular activity in the tissue leading to scar tissue break down and realignment of collagen and an increase in vascularity, all helping return the tissue to its pre injury state.

What to Expect?

Our clinicians will use a variety of specially designed, medical grade tools to target particular areas of the lower limb. The tools come in all shapes and sizes making them perfect for targeting the exact areas that need attention.

This treatment can feel a little bit uncomfortable – but should not be painful. Our clinicians will work with you individually, to establish the what the right amount of pressure is.

At Riverside Podiatry this modality can be incorporated into your standard appointments at no additional cost.