This page contains the basic information you may require, to refer to us.

Key Points

Same day or next day appointments
Bulk billing subsequent EPCs
Available in West Gosford, Wyong and Toukley
Online booking available
Open every 2nd Sunday


Depending on your patients needs we have two types of initial consultations, both of which are 40 minutes and involve a full medical and social history being taken.

  1. General podiatry (including diabetic assessments): our podiatrists perform an extensive neurovascular assessment to assess their overall foot health in regards to their nerve and blood vessel function. The podiatrists will then determine your patients’ level of risk of any neurovascular complications. All skin and nail conditions will be addressed during this initial consultation so your patient can walk out feeling like they are walking on air.
  2. Biomechanical assessments: our podiatrists have developed extensive adult- and paediatric-specific biomechanical assessments which involve detailed study of your patients’ range of motion, joint mobility, muscle strength, ligamentous stability and nerve function. A thorough gait analysis will also be performed alongside the weight bearing and non-weight bearing assessments. Our podiatrists will then look more specifically into the cause of your patients’ concerns.

The nature of treatment varies greatly for a biomechanical assessment, depending on the may patient factors. Podiatric treatment may involve a combination of advice, exercises, specific footwear, foot mobilisation techniques, trigger point therapy, shoe inserts or orthotic therapy. Imaging will be ordered, if required. Patient safety and preference, as well as potential efficacy, inform the choice of treatment modality. Naturally, informed consent is obtained for any proposed treatment.

The length of follow up consultations will depend on the number and complexity of issues to be dealt with. These consultations will generally vary from 20-40 minutes.