Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel Crow Our new podiatrist! Another podiatrist to make a fierce team of 3. Rachel’s first introduction to podiatry was when she was a little girl, where she would give her grandparents toenail care and foot rubs for pocket money. Some years later, after finishing school, she went on to study [...]

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Blisters Blisters are fluid filled sacs that form in the outer layers of the skin. The most common form of blister is related to direct skin contact injuries, burns or friction.  With that said, blisters can also form from a number of medical conditions that are more chronic [...]

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Orthotics (orthoses)

Orthotics (Orthoses) Foot orthotics are specialised shoe inserts designed to support the natural shape of the foot, align the ankle and improve posture and overall foot function. Orthotics are suitable for people of all ages (infants to the elderly) with a variety of foot or lower limb problems. Its important to speak to a [...]

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Muscle Pains

Muscle Pains There are a wide number of reasons why people may experience pain in their muscles. This can range from anything from delayed onset muscle soreness that stems from working the muscle throughout exercise to growing pains in children to complex conditions associated with chronic disease.   To tell the difference between [...]

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COVID-19 – The measures we are taking in this unprecedented time

Our Podiatry practice will remain open until further notice. Our highest priority, is keeping you and our staff healthy and safe through this difficult time. We have implemented some changes to our consulting process in order to achieve this. We appreciate you taking the time to read through the [...]

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Stepping into the Future with 3D Scanning

Riverside Podiatry is excited to announce that we are now offering 3D scanning for our custom orthotics. This small camera operated device is the latest technology for making custom orthotics. Our podiatrists pride themselves on their accuracy and precision when prescribing custom orthotics for their patients. In upholding these [...]

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My child tip-toe walks. Is this a problem?

Our podiatrists here at Riverside Podiatry understand that children’s walking patterns vary greatly from early childhood to adolescence. These changes can sometimes be concerning for parents, particularly when comparing to other children of a similar age. It is important not to worry, but to seek professional medical advice from our podiatrists if you are [...]

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Why do diabetics get numb, tingling, burning feet?

Numbness can come from a range of difference sources not the least of which is diabetes which affects around 1 million people in Australia. There is still some conjecture in the world of science as to the exact physiological cause and development process of the numbness that develops in diabetic feet. This is largely [...]

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We’re Hiring!

31/08/2017 Riverside Podiatry is hiring. See below for the details. JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE: Podiatrist JOB TYPE: Employee permanent part-time (28 hours/week) negotiable LOCATIONS: 69 Central Coast Highway West Gosford NSW 2250 & 9c/1-10 Amy Cl, Wyong NSW 2259 SUPERVISOR/MANAGER: Senior Podiatrist / Business management team   MAIN DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: General podiatry foot care; routine [...]

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