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Gout — What you need to know

If you have gout, or know someone that does, you’ll know how excruciating and unbearable the pain is when you have a ‘flare up’ or an ‘attack’ of gout. Gout is a type of arthritis that is typically mistaken for osteoarthritis – the ‘wear and tear’ kind of arthritis. Its mechanism of action is [...]

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Falls… they’re preventable!

Falls! For some, the word has no impact, while for others more acquainted with the potentially serious implications, it is a word that raises the eyebrows and even the heart rate. The first group is likely to have had no connection with anyone that has fallen and hurt themselves. [...]

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Heel pain in children (Sever’s disease)

Children’s bodies are continually developing, which can lead to pain at the growth centres (or growth plates) in the body. A common site of pain for children is in the heel and is known as Sever’s disease or calcaneal apophysitis. As scary as the name may sound, it is [...]

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Busting the myths of foot pain – Is it normal?

From the moment we are born we are changing – we grow from baby’s into small children then onto teenagers, adults and then finally we reach the “so-called” golden age of seniority. Alongside these developments come all kinds of changing and developing feelings and sensations. These feelings and sensations [...]

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Keep your feet healthy this Summer

The countdown is on until Santa comes down the chimney which means our warm summer days are on the way. As we start packing away the winter clothing and pulling out the singlets and shorts of summer, here is some foot care advice to keep your feet happy this [...]

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Weak/unstable ankles

What causes weak ankles? A “weak ankle” is a term used by people to describe an ankle that is regularly “giving way”, “rolling” or is either swelling regularly, frequently becomes sore or is constantly sore. The problem often occurs around the same time a person is exercising; either before, [...]

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Information for General Practitioners

This page contains the basic information you may require, to refer to us. Key Points Same day or next day appointments Bulk billing subsequent EPCs Available in West Gosford and Wyong Online booking available Open every 2nd Sunday WHAT IS A PODIATRIST? A [...]

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Why are my feet so ticklish?

What’s the most ticklish part of your body? Is it your feet? Does the thought of having your feet tickled make you cringe, or does it bring back childhood memories? Along with your underarms, your feet are two of the most ticklish spots on your body. Scientists who have had the opportunity to study [...]

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Type 2 Diabetes Masterclass – BOOK NOW

Join one of the Central Coast's leading dietitians Nicole Saliba from Eatsense and podiatrists Ellie Kelly and Bradley Moodie from Riverside Podiatry for the Central Coast's first type two diabetes masterclass. This seminar is targeted at empowering anybody who currently has Type Two Diabetes or Prediabetes or is at risk. Our seminar is open [...]

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