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Keep your feet healthy this Summer

The countdown is on until Santa comes down the chimney which means our warm summer days are on the way. As we start packing away the winter clothing and pulling out the singlets and shorts of summer, here is some foot care advice to keep your feet happy this [...]

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Weak/unstable ankles

What causes weak ankles? A “weak ankle” is a term used by people to describe an ankle that is regularly “giving way”, “rolling” or is either swelling regularly, frequently becomes sore or is constantly sore. The problem often occurs around the same time a person is exercising; either before, [...]

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Information for General Practitioners

This page contains the basic information you may require, to refer to us. Key Points Same day or next day appointments Bulk billing subsequent EPCs Available in West Gosford and Wyong Online booking available Open every 2nd Sunday WHAT IS A PODIATRIST? A [...]

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Why are my feet so ticklish?

What’s the most ticklish part of your body? Is it your feet? Does the thought of having your feet tickled make you cringe, or does it bring back childhood memories? Along with your underarms, your feet are two of the most ticklish spots on your body. Scientists who have had the opportunity to study [...]

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Type 2 Diabetes Masterclass – BOOK NOW

Join one of the Central Coast's leading dietitians Nicole Saliba from Eatsense and podiatrists Ellie Kelly and Bradley Moodie from Riverside Podiatry for the Central Coast's first type two diabetes masterclass. This seminar is targeted at empowering anybody who currently has Type Two Diabetes or Prediabetes or is at risk. Our seminar is open [...]

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Ingrown Toenails… OUCH!

Ingrown toenails can be such a nuisance; from simply looking unsightly, causing discomfort when walking or even just trying to sleep because of the light pressure of the bed sheets! But just what are ingrown toenails? who is at risk? How are they treated? And can they be prevented? There is unfortunately a lot [...]

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In-toe (“pigeon toed”) walking

As children develop you may notice that not everything is on the “straight and narrow”. Children who walk with their feet turned inwards are described as being “pigeon toed” or having in-toeing. This is a very common clinical presentation which may involve one or both feet. In-toeing can be observed as part of a [...]

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