As podiatrists, we see plenty of people suffering with cramps and no idea how to relieve them! They can come anywhere and at any time. Some of the more common cramps occur in the back of the lower part of the leg (calf), the back (hamstring) or the front of the thigh (quadriceps) or even sometimes in the feet!  

There are a number of reasons why people get cramps and there are a thousand different ways to treat and manage them. 

Below you’ll find a few of the more effective ways to treat them – but first, there are some types of cramps that you need to get seen to by a podiatrist or your GP ASAP. This is because some cramps can be quite serious. 

  1. If you have cramps that come on after walking a consistent distance, for example if you walk 50m and then the cramp starts and when you stop it settles down and then it starts again if you walk 50m again.  
  2. If you are getting consistent cramps at night time which wake you from sleep and are relieved with hanging your feet over the side of the bed. 
  3. Increases in cramp type pain that has recently developed with swelling of your ankles or lower legs.  
  4. Cramps that have recently developed after you have been sitting for an extended period e.g. a flight or a long drive. 
  5. Cramping that is associated with an area that has recently become red. 

If you have any of the above types of cramps – see your podiatrist or GP ASAP! 

If your cramps do not fall into those categories then you may be able to solve them quite easily with one of the below methods.  

Depending on where the cramps are developing you may be able to simply stretch it out. It’s also important to note that this can be used as a preventative for cramps (by doing it daily for example) as much as a treatment at the time you are actually experiencing a cramp: 

Massage is another way to relieve the cramping that comes on if you are not getting enough relief from the stretching or as an alternative.  

Heat packs are also a way to relieve the cramping or can be used in conjunction with the massage and stretching.  

If you are getting cramps when you are sleeping, you may find improvements in standing on cold tiles or hanging your legs out of the bed. 

Another treatment that you may not know about is magnesium supplementation. Research shows that magnesium is helpful in reducing muscular type cramps specifically. 

If you have any of the above cramps without relief from the simple methods we have discussed, or you have any medical conditions, it is worth having your cramps checked by a professional like a podiatrist.  

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