Muscle Pains

There are a wide number of reasons why people may experience pain in their muscles. This can range from anything from delayed onset muscle soreness that stems from working the muscle throughout exercise to growing pains in children to complex conditions associated with chronic disease.  

To tell the difference between which type of pain you may be experiencing it’s important to consider what activities you have recently been involved in and any medical conditions you may have. Some questions to help you determine what kind of muscle pain you are suffering are:  

Have you been exercising more regularly than previously? Or with greater intensity? Or in a different way?  

Do you have a medical condition that has the potential to affect your muscles (see your podiatrist for assistance with which conditions may affect your lower limbs) some common examples include diabetes, arthritis, gout, obesity and autoimmune conditions?  

Have you injured that part of the leg recently? Are you still growing? Once you have determined to some degree the origin of the leg pain, it’s now time to determine if you need to seek guidance with resolving it. How painful is it? How often does it occur? has the problem been getting worse or better since it happened?  

If your muscle pain is severe, regularly occurs >1x weekly, or is not getting better after 2-3day’s it’s about time to seek some assistance or impeding on your normal day to day activities, it’s something you should probably get checked. Most types of muscle pains that answer yes to these last questions will not improve without help. If you think you might need orthotics give us a call (02 43239100) or book an assessment online to find out!