Bunions (hallux-abducto-valgus deformities) are a common foot deformity of the joint that connects the big toe (hallux) to the main bones of the foot (metatarsals). They appear as bony prominences which protrude towards the midline of the body. They can be painful or not, and this is not directly related to the size of them. They have been shown to be related to people’s genetics but also to abnormal / inefficient styles of walking and alignment. They usually develop over long periods of time but can sometimes develop quickly and worsen with certain types of footwear and activities. 

A range of different treatments are available such as various types of braces / splints / shoe inserts. Research however, has shown that while these devices can be useful for minimising pain associated with the bunions, they do not actually correct them or reduce the deformity. Certain specialised postural correction/foot mobilisation exercise programs (podiatrist prescribed) have shown to improve the condition and the pain associated. If that postural correction is not sufficient to resolve the concern a specialist may need to be consulted.

There are many surgeries available for bunions but usually the surgery is quite painful and require long periods of not weightbearing. Secondly, unless the type of surgery is focussed on correcting the posture and not just the bony prominence, they often fail to resolve the problem completely and the bunions return.  

Taylors bunions are a very similar smaller development that takes place on the other side of the foot at the joint between the small toe (5th digit) and foot (5th metatarsal). They are usually only painful when developing friction inside footwear or from corns and callouses developing on their surface and usually do not require invasive treatment.  

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