1. We are allied health professionals who assess, diagnose, treat and manage conditions of the lower limb, ankle and foot.
  2. We work alongside other medical and health professionals to ensure the best patient health outcomes are achieved.
  3. A referral is not required to see a podiatrist… so what are you waiting for?!!
  4. We manage and treat bone, joint, muscle, ligament, blood flow and nerve  problems.
  5. We are an integral part in a diabetic patients’ management plan.
  6. We can refer for x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRIs.
  7. We prescribe rehabilitation programs for tendon, bone or muscle injuries and back to sport/work schedules after your injury.
  8. We assess your gait – the way you walk – and relate this to your presenting concern.
  9. Some of the less known areas of podiatry include wound care, nail surgery, paediatrics, geriatrics and sports podiatry. This means we are treating patients of all ages!
  10. We complete a minimum of 20 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year to ensure our knowledge is up-to-scratch and we learn the latest technologies and techniques emerging in the world of podiatry.

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